Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a day

Today flew by. I had a meeting this morning with some guys from church at 8:00 am that I slept in for. I woke up at 7:45 and grabbed some clothes and flew to Ricco Lattes for the meeting. Then Delilah and left to pick up the kids from Mamaw and Papaw. We met them about half way for a late lunch. After we had lunch we drove back to the house. During the drive Jude and Elise both fell asleep. We could tell they were really tired when we picked them up. Now they are both sound asleep in bed. It took Elise about an hour to finally stay in her bed.
If you recall from an earlier post I had "given" Delilah permission to purchase a new lamp. Alas there is no need to purchase a new one. I got the old one fixed and is working fine. Maybe the next time arises I will check out some quoizel lighting.

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delilah said...

Thanks for the link. Our new lamp will be here Wednesday!