Monday, October 01, 2007

I Had a Dream......

I cannot believe that is October 1st already. This summer just flew by. It seams like yesterday we were watching the 4th of July parade with our friends and Delilah was prego. Now, Avery is 9 weeks old and it's October and it is now fall time. Before you know it, I will be out shoveling the snow.
They say we have dreams every night but I never seem to remember them. But I did remember this one. In this dream, I dreamed that I was in Texas on a sales trip. I was in the Dallas area. At the same time Bill Clinton and George W were touring together trying to present some new ideas. I had the chance to meet them. When I met them this is what I said, Mr. President and Mr. Ex-President right now you are the two most powerful and influential people in the world right now. Now is the time for you bring the country together. You have a great opportunity to bring everyone together for the good of the country. It is time to focus on the things that you agree on instead of what divides you. I don't care if you are pro-choice, anti-abortion, pro-war or anti-war, or whatever disagreements you may have. Now is the time for you to sit down and have an open discussion on the things that are dear to your heart. Things like helping others better themselves, giving, charity work. Instead of using words to divide, you need to use your words to build togetherness. Now is the time.

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