Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have decided tonight that I must start looking for a new job. It's not that my current job as a custodian (not janitor) is hard or horrible or anything like that. It is actually a pretty easy job with great benefits. It's just that I am working 2nd shift and I don't know what school I will be in from day to day. I actually didn't think it would be that bad working opposite shifts with Delilah but I don't enjoy it one bit. I really miss be at home in the evening and putting Jude to bed.
That problem I have dealing with trying to find a new job is that I am not sure what it is actually I want to do. I have had an itch to work within a church, which I am currently doing now working with the Milestone group at Fallscreek. I haven't honestly put my best effort forward with it yet. And I am actually feeling a little bit frustrated with it. Yet, I keep plugging away at it ever so slightly because I don't want to abandon the ship. I believe there are great things on the horizon for the church an I think that Milestone can play an important role in it.
So I ask for any one that actually reads this blog to pray for opportunities to open up for me.