Tuesday, October 28, 2008


enter the building
walk through the gate
through the metal detector
into the lobby
feels like a stockyard
the line continues
towards the first person to speak with
like a creek flowing into a dam
no water flowing out
keeps flowing
a trickle here, a trickle there
one by one
names are called
meet with the second person
set your appointment
meet with a third person

the stockyard
full of broken people
tears to my eyes
children not a clue
shouldn't have to experience this
single moms, babes in tow
broken hearted i sit
waiting for the second person
watching around me
some should focus on retirement
others their career

socioeconomic background matters not
demographics matter not

it happened to me
i wish not
hope not
dignity lost
nothing to do but count the light fixtures

Monday, October 27, 2008

Go Bucks, I tried...

I have made the decision to start rooting for Ohio State. It's not that I'm upset with the way Michigan is playing. I expected it to be a tough year for Michigan because it is such a large transition in programs. The reason I have started to make a switch to Ohio State is because Coach Tressel has grown on me. He is a great coach and seems to ge a great individual. I have enjoyed watching how he carries himself on and off the field. At the beginning of the of the Penn State I was rooting for Ohio State but after a while I found myself rooting against Ohio State. Needless to say, I did I try to root for Ohio State. You've heard it here first, I am an Ohio State fan. Go Bucks. Maybe I need to put my Michingan stuff on sale.


Can you believe that it is almost November? Where has this year gone? It seems just like yesterday that I was discharged from my previous job all the while it seems like it is going to take forever until December 1st to roll around. December 1st it my first day back to work, and I cannot wait until then. Not because I want to get out of the house but because I will be able to bring more money to the family to get us back to being somewhat financially stable. It's been tough on us since mid-September when the state employment ran out. I filed for the federal extension but have not heard about the determination of benefits. It has been slim pickings for us. Yesterday at church we heard a sermon about Breaking Out of the Trap Debt it was a good sermon and was almost perfect timing for us to hear. Delilah and I have been discussing our finances and how we are going to get out of debt. Finances can be such a burden on individuals and families. We were beginning to take steps of getting out of debt before I was let go. Soon, very soon we will be able to resume the process of getting out of debt. Sometimes it can feel like golf balls bouncing all around on concrete when it comes to finances.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A day off

Today Jude didn't have school. I told him earlier in the week that on Friday he wouldn't have school. I asked him if we would want to go the Akron Zoo if it was nice out. He said he wanted to go. I told him I would check the weather to see and that we would have to wait until Friday to make the final decision about it. He seemed fine with waiting until Friday to decide. Well, as it turned out, th weather wasn't perfect but at least it wasn't raining. I contemplated whether to go in the morning or in the afternoon. I knew it would be a little warmer in the afternoon but decided to go in the morning. We went to the zoo and it was nice to go when we did. There were only 4 or 5 other families at the zoo with us when we arrived. It was a bit on the cool side but the kids didn't seem to mind at all. We were able to take our time walking, err running through the zoo. The kids had fun because they were able to run off in front of me with out being swallowed by a crowd of people. The animals were very active. The jauguar was doing laps around his pen and walking right past the window. We actually heard one of the lions rumble out some sounds, they weren't full fledged roars but I think it might of scared Jude and Elise a little. One of the nice things was that we were able to take our time through the jelly fish. We went last time it was so crowded. Actually I can't think of an animal that wasn't inactive. We made it through the zoo in a hour and a half. Perfect amount of time for youngsters. When I put Avery into the van after the zoo her poor little hands were cold. The Akron Zoo might be the closest thing we can come to Disney vacations.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

She did it again

Aw that sweet Avery. She did it again. She pooped in the bath tub 2 baths in a row with the other kids in there with her. I am surprised that Jude did not hurl, he has a week stomach when it comes to things like that. Actually there was one time about 3-4 years ago that he started gagging when there was mud on his shows. I have been giving the kids a bath every other day (unless they are really dirty) I gave them a bath on Tuesday morning and again this morning. This morning I put Avery on the toilet in hopes that she may poop in it. But she didn't. She decided to go in the bathtub instead. What fun. So I scooped out all the poop I could while I drained the tub. I cleaned the tub out and refilled it to continue with their bath time. Elise has a routing of wanting to get in the bath tub with Delilah in the mornings. Yesterday Elise told Delilah she wanted to take a bath with her "with out poop." Such a funny girl.
I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before. My official start date is December 1st. It seems like so far off. Delilah and I briefly discussed our child care options and both agreed that we need to start interviewing people for the position. I guess it would be a good time to use some employment screening.

Gloom & Doom

I can't catch a break in the sporting world. My beloved Cubbies went down in flames. How is that even possible. They had the 2nd best record in the majors and they went down in a blaze of non glory. It really is true. The post season is a brand new season and it does not matter what you did in the regular season.
What about my poor Wolverines? They can't even beat Toledo. I realize this is a rebuilding year for Michigan but what is with all the turnovers? There is no excuse. They need to play more consistent. I wish they would have gotten Les Miles from LSU, I think he embodies Michigan football more fully.
I guess there is one bright spot in my sports. Mobile Router. How bout them Browns? Did they put a spanking on the Giants or what? If only they could play like that every game, they would be serious threat.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello, My Name is Jake..........

In case you forgot, I know it's been a long time since I put a post up on the blog. A while back I decided to go through each post and put a label on each one of them. It took a little time do it but I am glad I did. It's good to read what I have posted in the past. Things are moving along on the job front. My unemployment benefits ran out so I had to apply for the Federal extension of the benefits. As far as I know I am approved for the extension and will be able to receive them next week after about a 3 week lapse of the state benefits. I do have a job. I know how much I will be making but not when I start. It will be sometime between Oct 13 and Dec 1. I am really hoping for sooner than later. I will be working the same industry as before. The office is going to be based out of Cuyahoga Falls, in the river front area. I am very excited about this opportunity and believe I will be very successful at it.

After dropping Jude off at school today, I ran to the post office and then to the bank to have some cash for a date night tonight. When I got to the ATM, the guy in front of me left his bank card in the ATM and the transaction was not complete. If I wanted to I could have withdrawn cash from his account, which I didn't. I ended the transaction and got the cash out of my account that I needed and grabbed the bank card and went through the drive thru window and handed the card to the teller. I wonder how many people would have withdrawn cash with that card? I probably could have bought a nice set of bar stools for the basement.

I suppose that is all I have for now, that I wish to share.