Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello, My Name is Jake..........

In case you forgot, I know it's been a long time since I put a post up on the blog. A while back I decided to go through each post and put a label on each one of them. It took a little time do it but I am glad I did. It's good to read what I have posted in the past. Things are moving along on the job front. My unemployment benefits ran out so I had to apply for the Federal extension of the benefits. As far as I know I am approved for the extension and will be able to receive them next week after about a 3 week lapse of the state benefits. I do have a job. I know how much I will be making but not when I start. It will be sometime between Oct 13 and Dec 1. I am really hoping for sooner than later. I will be working the same industry as before. The office is going to be based out of Cuyahoga Falls, in the river front area. I am very excited about this opportunity and believe I will be very successful at it.

After dropping Jude off at school today, I ran to the post office and then to the bank to have some cash for a date night tonight. When I got to the ATM, the guy in front of me left his bank card in the ATM and the transaction was not complete. If I wanted to I could have withdrawn cash from his account, which I didn't. I ended the transaction and got the cash out of my account that I needed and grabbed the bank card and went through the drive thru window and handed the card to the teller. I wonder how many people would have withdrawn cash with that card? I probably could have bought a nice set of bar stools for the basement.

I suppose that is all I have for now, that I wish to share.

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Mandy said...

I wouldn't have taken any money either but I might have checked his balances! Yes, I am that nosey!