Tuesday, October 11, 2011


While at a friend's parents house on Sunday, I decided to take a walk with a few of the family members. This house is located on a mini-farm. It has about 16 acres and I wanted to do some exploring of the property. At one point I sat on a hay wagon that gave me a view of the natural spring on the property. I wanted to take a moment and take the beautiful view of the property in. To get to the wagon I had to cross a 3 foot section of tall weeds/grass. As I crossed this section to reach the wagon there didn't seem to be any bugs around me. As you know, often times our perception and reality does not always match up. After sitting on the wagon taking in the scenery and the view that overlooked a natural spring, the bugs started emerging on the grass below me. It was a sight to see, they were going about their business moving to and fro on the leaves and stems on the ground beneath me. It was something I enjoyed watching. I sat on the wagon for about 5 minutes just watching these bugs and something occurred to me, this is kind of like how God is, actually how we are with God.

There are times we are so busy with our lives and what is going around us to see God working in everything we are going through. This causes our perception to not align with reality. Sometimes we just need to sit on wagon for a while and take everything in.

I know you are probably wondering what bugs I was observing. It is called the Multicolored Asian Ladybug, better know as the Orange Ladybug. The interesting thing about the Orange Ladybug is that many people consider it a pest and many consider it a friend. What category do you fall into?

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