Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Oh Why Ohio

The original title for this post was just going to be Why Oh Why, but I thought adding Ohio would have add a nice little ring to the title even though it really has nothing to do with this post.

It is not much much riding in a van with 3 children looking for a house to rent. Why can't each city have its own web site to list rental properties. Maybe I should try to set up a website that allows for this to take place. It would make it a lot easier if I could type CuyahogaFallsRentals.com to search for houses. This website would require you to list the address, price, square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, garages, and several pictures of the property. Nothing more is annoying than having to make phone calls to find where the property is located, the price, and various details about the property. I think this website could be big hit and could be expanded to other cities. I think this would save time for everyone involved.

How funny, I typed in cuyahogafallsrentals.com and it forwarded me to another website for Bluejay-rents..com Well there goes my money making idea.

Anywho, why does it seem like everything happens in all at once for you? Not that the things that have happened are life threatening. It is just the annoyance factor part of it. It stinks.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

The first half day of a new schedule

Things are going well. But, I am dead tired and it's only 1:15 pm. I have to get to bed much earlier than midnight. I need my 8 hours of sleep. So this means that I have to get to bed at 10 pm because the kids always wake up around 6:30 am. Ugh. All things considered today is going well for us, except that Delilah has yet to call me from her new job. She always gave me a hard time when I didn't call home to check in to see how things were going. Believe me, I will give her a hard time. ;-) I know how things can get busy, been there done that. Anyways, gotta go because Jude says Avery is crying now. Later.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh the sickness

Well you've heard it here first. Delilah is sick. Every one has been sick other than Avery during the last month. It's so much fun. On a lighter note.................

The kids and I walked to the library today. I used the double stroller that was given to us some time ago. I'm not sure how to use that thing, it is so huge. It takes both hands to steer it. I liken it to riding in a dump truck. It's a rough ride for the kids when you go over the bumps. It seems to ride like a dream on the smooth sidewalks though. I put Elise in the front and Avery behind her. Jude walked with me. It is a 30 minute walk to the library. Jude really well. He was getting tired on the way back. So we walked for a total of 1 hour to spend about 25 minutes at the library. It felt great to get back outside and enjoy this weather. You never know when it might turn on you on Northeast Ohio.

I've been working with Jude on his phonics. We finished lesson 12 today. (It's taken us a long time to get to lesson 12) Each lesson is about 15 minutes long. He has learned a, e, t, m, r, and s. Tomorrow he will learn d. The lesson are pretty good. He is learning to sound out words and can actually read rat, mat, am, and sat, to name a few of the words. He also is learning to write the letters. He's doing pretty good at it.


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Breaking in slowly

Today marks the first day of stay at home dad life. Delilah is working a temp job this week that is for 4 hours in the morning. I only have to watch Avery since Jude and Elise at in TN with nanna and poppy. They will return on Wednesday. There is not better way to transition to stay at home dad than to take care one child. Avery woke this morning at her usual time and was ready for her morning nap at about 7:45, she slept until 10:45. This gave me ample time to get some things done that needed to get done. I was able to take my shower, wash some clothes and our sheets, and finish some paper work. I balanced the checking account, which by the way, is sooooooo not fun to do when you don't have a job. Anyways, I balanced the checking account and sent our city taxes ready to drop off and our state taxes ready to mail. I also put the finishing touches on my application, resume. cover letter, and references for a position I am applying. When Avery woke up from her long nap, I changed her poopy diaper and dressed her and gave a some snacks then we headed out the door to run a few errands. I had to stop by the city center to drop our taxes off and mail our state taxes and then stop by the Y to drop off some paper work. After our few stops we returned home and about a half hour later Delilah returned home. Let me tell you, when Delilah got I home, it was like I wasn't even here. Avery was all about being with Delilah. Nothing like being second rate.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

30 Days?

Has it really been thirty days since I last went to work? I don't like the feeling when I wake up and having a place to go to work. Funny isn't it? How is it all through life we dread waking up and going to work on Monday mornings, but now that I don't have a job to go on Monday's I dread the fact that I don't have a job to go to on Monday morning.

As Delilah mentioned in a recent post I am applying for a position with a township in Summit County. It is kind of ironic because last week Delilah was asking me questions about the choice of my degree that I want to complete, Public Administration. Well this position prefers a degree in Public Administration, it was nice to see that there are local positions that prefer a degree in Public Administration to show to her. Actually she was the one that found the job posting for me. Thanks Delilah for the opportunity.

Anyways I can see this position as a great entry to public administration.

Some I feel like I am towing around travel trailers.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Being Sick

Well, I was sick yesterday. I spent all but 1 hour laying in bed throughout the day. The first thing i ate was some yogurt at about 7:00. PM that is. If you know me at all, I love my food. Yesterday I wasn't even hungry. So when I started feeling better during the evening I decided to have some yogurt and then a bowel of Curves cereal. That is all I ate during the whole day. It was quite amazing I thought. Delilah and her mom took the kids shopping most of the afternoon. When they got back Delilah spent some time doing the laundry. She told me that if I wanted her to do more stuff around the house all I needed to do was just tell, that I didn't need to get sick for her to more things around the house. I replied, is that all it takes? She does a lot around the house.

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Friday, April 04, 2008


Since being unemployed I have had the opportunity to listen to several motivational/guidance/self help podcast. One of the podcast I have listened to is provided by Sales Gravy. The podcast is geared/directed to the sales professional. I have listened to all the available Sales Gravy podcasts available on Itunes. They are great podcasts and I believe anyone could learn something new from the speaker regardless of their profession. I know I have gained new knowledge through these podcasts. The biggest asset we have is our knowledge. My goal during this time is to gain more knowledge to better prepare myself for my next job.

I guess I could look at this like air cleaners for my life.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Response

This post is a response to a comment left on Delilah's blog . This is the comment that was left:

"I really think Jake should push things on his bonus check. He earned that money and if nothing else check with someone else that has knowledge of this type letting him go. Labor board or even a lawyer. Even if he had to give a lawyer 1/2 the bonus would be better than nothing at all and the company offering him another job may just be a way of keeping him from going after his bonus. That money is his, he earned it and someone else will be living high on his money. If he doesn't stand up to them then they will continue to do the same year after year to other employees. Please Please check into it a whole lot. Don't write that money off. They are taking that money away from you and your kids and a better life better home ect. Love and prayer for you and your family." Anonymous

There are two criteria to receiving the bonus. 1) Individual Performance 2) Net profit year-end of xx%. The net profit year-end is an easy criteria to determine because it is objective. However, the first criteria is subjective. It is based on your individual performance. Since I was discharged from my place of employment for "poor performance" I don't qualify for the bonus. One thing to consider is that Ohio is a no-fault state. Which means that an employer can discharge an employee with or without cause.

I have performed a brief search for laws or guidelines relating to bonus' etc. I have had no such luck finding anything. I suppose some companies could put the bonus as part of a severance package. But Ohio or Federal law does not mandate or require severance packages.

There were a few employees at my previous place of employment that did not receive a bonus. In my opinion they should have received the bonus. But this is a subjective matter.

Regardless of the having the bonus or not, it is very disheartening how I was discharged. But life does go on and I believe that everything will work out for the best.

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