Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Response

This post is a response to a comment left on Delilah's blog . This is the comment that was left:

"I really think Jake should push things on his bonus check. He earned that money and if nothing else check with someone else that has knowledge of this type letting him go. Labor board or even a lawyer. Even if he had to give a lawyer 1/2 the bonus would be better than nothing at all and the company offering him another job may just be a way of keeping him from going after his bonus. That money is his, he earned it and someone else will be living high on his money. If he doesn't stand up to them then they will continue to do the same year after year to other employees. Please Please check into it a whole lot. Don't write that money off. They are taking that money away from you and your kids and a better life better home ect. Love and prayer for you and your family." Anonymous

There are two criteria to receiving the bonus. 1) Individual Performance 2) Net profit year-end of xx%. The net profit year-end is an easy criteria to determine because it is objective. However, the first criteria is subjective. It is based on your individual performance. Since I was discharged from my place of employment for "poor performance" I don't qualify for the bonus. One thing to consider is that Ohio is a no-fault state. Which means that an employer can discharge an employee with or without cause.

I have performed a brief search for laws or guidelines relating to bonus' etc. I have had no such luck finding anything. I suppose some companies could put the bonus as part of a severance package. But Ohio or Federal law does not mandate or require severance packages.

There were a few employees at my previous place of employment that did not receive a bonus. In my opinion they should have received the bonus. But this is a subjective matter.

Regardless of the having the bonus or not, it is very disheartening how I was discharged. But life does go on and I believe that everything will work out for the best.

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Anonymous said...

Check with the fair labor board.