Monday, April 21, 2008

The first half day of a new schedule

Things are going well. But, I am dead tired and it's only 1:15 pm. I have to get to bed much earlier than midnight. I need my 8 hours of sleep. So this means that I have to get to bed at 10 pm because the kids always wake up around 6:30 am. Ugh. All things considered today is going well for us, except that Delilah has yet to call me from her new job. She always gave me a hard time when I didn't call home to check in to see how things were going. Believe me, I will give her a hard time. ;-) I know how things can get busy, been there done that. Anyways, gotta go because Jude says Avery is crying now. Later.

I love electronics.

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Mandy said...

Good luck! I'm not sure if I could stay at home with the kids or not. I tend to be lazy on the weekends and I'm afraid the weekdays would be like that too!