Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas

Things are moving along in life. I can not believe tomorrow is December already. Where has all the time gone? We are going to pick up our Christmas tree tomorrow. The kids are excited about and Jude has been asking the whole week to put up lights in the house. He gets so excited about things. It is funny to watch him. The kids did pretty good last year with leaving the ornaments alone. We'll see how they do this year.

Need to give Kohler Faucets to someone for Christmas?

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I write for this company and they pay me to add a link to posts that I write. It is internet blog advertising. Sometimes they assign an easy word that can easily be incorporated into my posts. Sometimes they give you a strange word like skinceuticals. Is that even a real word? I guess it is a slang word. Oh wait....I just looked and it is the name of a product. The link is to a website that has skin care products. You might find a Christmas gift or two for the ladies in your life (you know your wife, mom, sister, daughter-in-law, etc... Good Luck.

King of the Road

I am becoming a real travelpro these days. We just got back from Delilah's parents house last Friday evening and I will be hitting the road again next week. This time I will be traveling for business purposes. I don't like to travel but the more I am on the road the more opportunity I have for growing the company, which directly effects my wallet.

On another note - today had her yearly "doctor" appointment. She didn't want to take all the kids with her (I can't figure out why) so she dropped Jude & Elise by the office. As soon as they get there they went straight for the snack room. Elise ate almost nonstop. It is crazy because she is so skinny.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The House Hunt

We are still looking at houses although it will probably be a while before we get to buy one. Lately we have been doing a lot of talking about how we are going to decorate our house when we finally get it. I would really like to have nicer furniture. What we have is functional and not horrible. I guess it could be a lot worse but I would like something better. We have several furniture stores around. We don't usually go into them. Once we were looking for a bedroom suit and called this number out of the paper. It was some shady operation where they sell furniture out of a warehouse. I only call it shady because the ad was in the classifieds with some guys name and number listed like it was some dude selling his bedroom suit. It was kinda weird and we never bought a bedroom suit. I guess I can add it to our list.