Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today I made a trip to the doctor's office with all three kids.  They each had an appointment for checkups.  Even though it wasn't to bad, I do not want to go to another appointment with all three kids again.  Jude and Elise were ok, but Avery kept on getting into the cabinet, trash, and drawers.  She actually hit her head on one drawer and now has a scratch under her left eye.  Avery received one shot, the other kids did not.  During Elise's checkup, at the point the doctor checks up her nose, he says that it looks like there some kind of object in her nose.  I took a look and yep, there was an object up her nose.  The doctor said it looked like it might be a bean.  He wanted her to blow her nose to try and eject the object, but Elise wouldn't do it.  So, the doctor said I would need to take her to the hospital to have it sucked out since they didn't have the right equipment in the office for such a procedure.   I'm thinking "Oh, great.  Another trip to the hospital, just what we need right now."  Well, we get home and I had Elise blow her nose about four times to get this object out of her nose.  It finally came out and it was a popcorn kernel.  We had popcorn last week.  The kernel was split and looked like it had germinated.  How crazy is that, Elise was trying to grow corn in her nose.  Earlier at the doctor's office I asked if she put a bean in her nose, she said "no."  So this time I asked if she put popcorn in her nose, she said "yes."  She didn't have an explanation for it.  What gives?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I did it, and an update

First things first....
Most you probably know, but Delilah had her gallbladder taken out yesterday. If you know her it is hard to keep that woman down. I managed to keep her off the phone yesterday after she was released from the hospital. After she had her appendix removed she made some phone calls while drugged up and did not want a repeat. Today is a different story however, she woke up early this morning, like 3 am, from all the sleep she got yesterday. She went back to sleep at 7. During that time she managed to get our Christmas cards finished and type a letter to send out in the cards. She woke up again at 9 and was on the go. She started doing laundry and then later on baking cookies. Needless to say she over did it a little bit, but the doctor did say to do what ever she wanted to do if she felt up to it. The only restriction was that she could lift anything over 10 pounds.
I completed my two classes to finish off my Associates Degree, it will be about 3 weeks until I receive the final grades, I am confident that passed both classes. Hopefully this will help in the job search. I know it can't hurt.

Peace out to the discount furniture.