Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring, the excitement is in the air..........

I am so excited that the warm weather has finally come to Ohio, not that it will stay around very long until May. Anways............ The kids have loved playing outside. And it is much more fun when you are at home and can get outside. I have even walked to pick Jude from school twice this week, which reminded me out of shape I really am. My legs were hurting after completing the 1.8 mile round trip. Next week is Jude's spring break and we have decided to take a road trip. The kids and I have decided to head to Mamaws and Papaws for a couple of days and the down to Tennessee to Nana's and Poppy's to finish the week out. Delilah will be at home, trying to build up extra hours at work and to get some spring cleaning finished. I'm sure it will be a whirl wind kind of trip and the kids will be worn out by the time we get home. Jude and Elise are so excited to go. They have already packed their toy bags and are waiting anxiously for tomorrow to leave. Jude even asked me if I would pack his clothes for him. I told him he would have to wait for mommy for that, I'm sure I would leave something out.
Friday will be a busy day. I have an interview with Prudential at 9 in Mayfield Heights and Jude has a half day of school so I will be running back and forth to get the final things together for the trip. On Tuesday I cleaned the van out and man did it ever need it. I didn't think it was to bad until I looked under the seats. I removed the rear seats and vacuumed, and cleaned the sides of the van down. It looks much better and even smells a lot better. While I was at it I replaced the fuel filter which was way beyond due. I was told it was an easy job, I just didn't realize how easy it was. I took about five minutes all together to replace it. I wish I would have taken care of it last year when it needed to be replaced instead of waiting so long.
I don't think that I mentioned this before, I have decided to work with the youth at church. I have done it for two Sunday's now. It is going well, I think. It is a small group but I think it is important to have something for the youth to be involved with. I am also coaching Elise's soccer team this year. The director called me up and said that he noticed I had marked down that I would be an assistant coach and went on to tell me that he had something better for me. of course I knew what that meant right away. Now I am coaching Elise's soccer team and our first practice is March 28th.
I think this post has caught you up on everything. See ya later.

Friday, March 06, 2009

A productive day and it's only.....

I must say that I am having a productive day and it's only 10 am. What gives? Actually I have had a fairly productive week. I think this happens when I am able to keep myself busy. How have I been doing this you ask. Well, let me tell you. I have been looking into going back to school, starting a business, leading the youth on Sunday mornings, leading a small group and co-leading a men's group with my good friend.

First things first, school. As you all probably know, I recieved my Associates in Arts: Liberal Arts from Upper Iowa University in December. I am looking at 3 options to continue my education. Upper Iowa, Malone, and U of Akron. I am weighing the options of all 3. I desire to finish up my bachelors in Public Administration or in Finance, both of which I enjoy.

I am looking into starting my own home based business cleaning out foreclosed homes. I need to develop some contacts with banks and realtors who hande the foreclosed homes and would need purchase a truck and trailer so I am able to haul stuff to the landfill. I would try to save anything I could to resell or donate. I would also need to have a partner working with me because I'm sure I would need help moving larger items.

I have taken on an active role at church. It started with co-leading a men's group which meets at our house. I am currently leading a small group which also meets at our house and am in the process of planning the next series of study. Starting this Sunday I will be leading youth during the Sunday morning service. I am a little rusting at leading youth but I am confident it won't take long to get back into the flow of things.

So I/we have been busy with multiple items. When I resume working outside of the house I may have to curtain a few items but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. As far as being productive today............
So far:
  • the kids have had their bath (usually done at night)
  • balanced out accounts
  • filed our receipts
  • fed the kids breakfast (Elise ate a ton... 2 eggs, cereal, and a bunch of cheese)
  • wrote a post on the blog

Well, now that I actually look what I have accomplished so far it really doesn't seem like that much. I do have alot more on my agenda to finish today. Such prep for men's groups tommorrow and sunday morning, complete 2 apps for jobs, call several banks and realtors.

And here I goooooooooooooo