Friday, March 06, 2009

A productive day and it's only.....

I must say that I am having a productive day and it's only 10 am. What gives? Actually I have had a fairly productive week. I think this happens when I am able to keep myself busy. How have I been doing this you ask. Well, let me tell you. I have been looking into going back to school, starting a business, leading the youth on Sunday mornings, leading a small group and co-leading a men's group with my good friend.

First things first, school. As you all probably know, I recieved my Associates in Arts: Liberal Arts from Upper Iowa University in December. I am looking at 3 options to continue my education. Upper Iowa, Malone, and U of Akron. I am weighing the options of all 3. I desire to finish up my bachelors in Public Administration or in Finance, both of which I enjoy.

I am looking into starting my own home based business cleaning out foreclosed homes. I need to develop some contacts with banks and realtors who hande the foreclosed homes and would need purchase a truck and trailer so I am able to haul stuff to the landfill. I would try to save anything I could to resell or donate. I would also need to have a partner working with me because I'm sure I would need help moving larger items.

I have taken on an active role at church. It started with co-leading a men's group which meets at our house. I am currently leading a small group which also meets at our house and am in the process of planning the next series of study. Starting this Sunday I will be leading youth during the Sunday morning service. I am a little rusting at leading youth but I am confident it won't take long to get back into the flow of things.

So I/we have been busy with multiple items. When I resume working outside of the house I may have to curtain a few items but I will cross that bridge when I get to it. As far as being productive today............
So far:
  • the kids have had their bath (usually done at night)
  • balanced out accounts
  • filed our receipts
  • fed the kids breakfast (Elise ate a ton... 2 eggs, cereal, and a bunch of cheese)
  • wrote a post on the blog

Well, now that I actually look what I have accomplished so far it really doesn't seem like that much. I do have alot more on my agenda to finish today. Such prep for men's groups tommorrow and sunday morning, complete 2 apps for jobs, call several banks and realtors.

And here I goooooooooooooo

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