Friday, February 20, 2009


I have been pretty much speechless the last two days. On Thursday I lost my voice and I am still very hoarse today. It has been an interesting week for me. Between having my emotional up and downs regarding employment and fighting off this sickness that is trying to get at me it has me well, pretty much speechless. What else can I say.......

Often times I get frustrated at situations around me and feel that I am letting my family down. I so much desire to be able to provide for my family financially. We have been able to keep our heads above the water the last 11 months but it wouldn't take much to change. I guess I am tired of just barely making it. I realize that things could be much worse for us. Am I growing inpatient waiting on God? I think I might be. I realize that God has a plan and he has brought us through this far. I am often reminded of this from Delilah. Specially during my times of frustration.

We have been blessed with a great church. They have been supportive of us during this time. I have also been able to be more involved with our church. I have been involved with a men's group that is called MENtality that meets at our house twice a month and I have also been leading a small group that is studying "Experiencing God". I have recently decided (with a little nudge) to do some work with the youth on Sunday mornings.

I was speaking with a guy from church the other week about Great Danes. They have one and are looking at getting a second. I have never paid much attention to Great Danes. I've always been partial to Chocolate Labs. Well, I started researching Great Danes, they are very good dogs. The kids and I were watching You Tube videos of Great Danes the other night. They are HUGE. I think I have convinced Delilah that we should eventually buy a Great Dane (we are in no hurry to buy another pet). Now only if I can convince Jude, he wants a Chihuahua or a Poodle. What is wrong with that kid?

I guess I really wasn't very speechless after all.


delilah said...


You don't sound very thankful of my "kind" reminders.

You wanted to teach that class. It wasn't a was a blessing.

And - you have NOT convinced me to buy a dog that poops that big or eats that much. You have A LOT more convincing ahead of you if you think we are going to get a dog like that!

Jake said...

Ha ha ha ha ha