Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Settling In

We've been in our new house since Saturday and we are getting things put away and making it comfortable fairly quick. Thanks in part to all the great help we had on Saturday. Our house seems so much bigger since we have a usable basement now. We have put our office into the basement and their is also a full bath that I have adopted for my own.
Onto other things........

....from the "pink house"

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


This week is going so slow and it's only Tuesday night. We have been pushing ourselves pretty tough since the 15th. We have been working hard until about 10:30 at night. Trying to get everything packed up and cleaned up is a pain in the be-hind. I've made 3 full trailer trips already and the trailer is almost half full again. It seems like a never ending process of packing loading and unloading then unpacking when we get over to the "Pink House" Needless to say we have put in some long days when including work hours, but Thursday will be a relaxing day because we are heading to the Aeros game courtesy of Control Systems. Can't wait.
That's all for now.


Friday, June 16, 2006

The First Trip

Last night we made our first trip of moving some stuff into the "pink house". I forgot how much I hate moving. It really does stink. I feel like we were just getting everything unpacked from out first move. I wish we were filthy rich so we could just give most of our stuff away then buy new stuff for the new house. I think that would be so much easier. I'm not sure how we are going to do it. We would like to be completely moved into our new house by June 24th. Will it happen? I guess you will have to wait and see what transpires over the next week.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Figured I should probably post again

Things are getting busy around here. It seems like we add more and more to our plate and keep going back for seconds. The job is still going great. I'm suppose to head to a power plant on Thursday, I can't wait. Softball is also going well. I can't believe how out of shape I have allowed myself to get. I get tired just chasing a fly ball down in the outfield. Whew. I forgot how much fun I had playing. I'm glad I've gotten another chance to play once again.
Jude is in WV, this is the first time he spent away from us, other than when I was in the hospital or when Delilah was in the hospital birthing Elise. I hear he is doing well there. I'm glad he is having fun. I do miss him, but it nice to have a little break from his whining. But none the less I still love him. He loves it WV, he's always outside playing when we go to visit. He is due to return back to us on Wednesday afternoon. He will probably be upset to come home. :-(
Well all is going well here, can wait until we can start moving. Yippee


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We're Moving (Wahoo)

We made it official today. We are moving to a new house. When I'm in the new house I feel so much more relaxed. It is a quiet neighborhood street, much quieter than the busy street we live on now. When we pay July's rent we can start moving our stuff in. It will be nice to be able to move our stuff in at a little at a time. It will be nice not to have to hear our landlord walking in and out and opening the garage door when she goes to her inlaw suite. Our new landlords are super nice. We know a lot of the same people it's pretty crazy, she actually worked at the girls Safe Landing, that is where Delilah worked at one time and I worked at the boys shelter. There is much more to say but I will probably let Delilah discuss them later on.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moving on up

This week I have had the privilege of moving my desk into an actual office space at work. I moved into a 19*19 room and my boss has a separate office that takes up 14*10 of the room. So I am basically right outside of his door. It's all great though because my desk is separate from the rest of the office and I have some privacy now. We painted the room Wednesday and Thursday. It looks really good. It seems everyone is really impressed with my work ethic and how quick I have caught on to things. I am usually able to learn things pretty quick and have also had a good work ethic. I have never had a bad or close to a bad review in all my time working. I was told I will get a raise either in July or August, just depends on the timing. I hope it is July we can use the extra cash flow.
In September I will be going to Maine for a week long business trip with the rest of the sales team. Wahhoo. Lobster here I come. Other than that everything is going really well, are front yard was even mowed today (because I mowed it) now we will be able to see Elise a lot easier.