Saturday, June 03, 2006

Moving on up

This week I have had the privilege of moving my desk into an actual office space at work. I moved into a 19*19 room and my boss has a separate office that takes up 14*10 of the room. So I am basically right outside of his door. It's all great though because my desk is separate from the rest of the office and I have some privacy now. We painted the room Wednesday and Thursday. It looks really good. It seems everyone is really impressed with my work ethic and how quick I have caught on to things. I am usually able to learn things pretty quick and have also had a good work ethic. I have never had a bad or close to a bad review in all my time working. I was told I will get a raise either in July or August, just depends on the timing. I hope it is July we can use the extra cash flow.
In September I will be going to Maine for a week long business trip with the rest of the sales team. Wahhoo. Lobster here I come. Other than that everything is going really well, are front yard was even mowed today (because I mowed it) now we will be able to see Elise a lot easier.


Anonymous said...

Bravo on all counts!
Aunt Nancy

Applehead said...

Yep tha's great. It's pretty bad when you have to mow the lawn to see Elise better. you landlord hasn't come into the industrial age yet huh?