Tuesday, June 06, 2006

We're Moving (Wahoo)

We made it official today. We are moving to a new house. When I'm in the new house I feel so much more relaxed. It is a quiet neighborhood street, much quieter than the busy street we live on now. When we pay July's rent we can start moving our stuff in. It will be nice to be able to move our stuff in at a little at a time. It will be nice not to have to hear our landlord walking in and out and opening the garage door when she goes to her inlaw suite. Our new landlords are super nice. We know a lot of the same people it's pretty crazy, she actually worked at the girls Safe Landing, that is where Delilah worked at one time and I worked at the boys shelter. There is much more to say but I will probably let Delilah discuss them later on.

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Stephanie said...

Let us know more when dates are firmed up maybe we can help! No promises! :)It will be nice for you to get into a better place!