Monday, June 12, 2006

Figured I should probably post again

Things are getting busy around here. It seems like we add more and more to our plate and keep going back for seconds. The job is still going great. I'm suppose to head to a power plant on Thursday, I can't wait. Softball is also going well. I can't believe how out of shape I have allowed myself to get. I get tired just chasing a fly ball down in the outfield. Whew. I forgot how much fun I had playing. I'm glad I've gotten another chance to play once again.
Jude is in WV, this is the first time he spent away from us, other than when I was in the hospital or when Delilah was in the hospital birthing Elise. I hear he is doing well there. I'm glad he is having fun. I do miss him, but it nice to have a little break from his whining. But none the less I still love him. He loves it WV, he's always outside playing when we go to visit. He is due to return back to us on Wednesday afternoon. He will probably be upset to come home. :-(
Well all is going well here, can wait until we can start moving. Yippee


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Stephanie said...

Jude is doing well! It is fun to see the cousins all playing together. Wait until Elise and Vivian joing the crowd! I think Nolan and Jude will be double trouble in a year or two!