Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why Oh Why Ohio

The original title for this post was just going to be Why Oh Why, but I thought adding Ohio would have add a nice little ring to the title even though it really has nothing to do with this post.

It is not much much riding in a van with 3 children looking for a house to rent. Why can't each city have its own web site to list rental properties. Maybe I should try to set up a website that allows for this to take place. It would make it a lot easier if I could type CuyahogaFallsRentals.com to search for houses. This website would require you to list the address, price, square feet, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, garages, and several pictures of the property. Nothing more is annoying than having to make phone calls to find where the property is located, the price, and various details about the property. I think this website could be big hit and could be expanded to other cities. I think this would save time for everyone involved.

How funny, I typed in cuyahogafallsrentals.com and it forwarded me to another website for Bluejay-rents..com Well there goes my money making idea.

Anywho, why does it seem like everything happens in all at once for you? Not that the things that have happened are life threatening. It is just the annoyance factor part of it. It stinks.

Need some CAT6?

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Anonymous said...

Hi this is Delilah's cousin Amy from Lisle, IL try going to /www.rentalhouses.com hope this helps.