Thursday, May 01, 2008


I filed a claim earlier in the week on our van for the windshield. A while a go we were on a trip to TN and driving through a construction zone and all of a sudden BOOM. One of the construction trucks driving a long side of the road kicked up a rock and it the very most top center of the windshield. It sounded like a shotgun had just went off. The initial crack was a spider crack and it was not going to be able to repaired unless the windshield was replaced. So I decided to wait out the crack and see how bad it got. Never the less over time it spread down to the bottom of the windshield. Delilah finally told me that it was time to get the windshield replaced. So I called to make claim and the insurance company set up the appointment for Wednesday between 8 and noon. So I waited and waited and waited...... the kids had lunch and it was noon by the time the kids had finished lunch and no new windshield. So I took the kids out for a drive to look at some potential houses for us to rent. They all fell asleep on the drive. I didn't find any houses for us to rent. When we got back to the house I decided to call to see what had happened to the new windshield. Well they said there was a glitch in the program that send the information to the windshield replacement people.

Finally the windshield was replaced this morning. It was pretty slick how easily they can replace the windshields. After the windshield guy left, Jude and Elise decided to stay outside and play. Jude has been trying to ride his 2 wheeler bike for several weeks and never had quite gotten it. But what do you know....... he decided to ride his 2 wheeler and got it down pretty good. He was riding around the driveway and doing circles. It amazes me that he went out on his own to do it. He always wanted me to be outside watching him or pushing him on the bike. He is growing up so fast.

Maybe when we move we can look at some swing sets.

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Stephanie said...

Well Lydia will be quite jealous. She wants to ride a 2 wheeler, but is too afraid to try much!