Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is it Really Only Tuesday....?

Ugh, I can not believe it is only Tuesday. It has already been a long week for me. Monday was a horrible day with the kids. It was absolutely crazy. I'm not sure if it was because we had a busy weekend or it was rainy and the kids were stuck inside. It was probably a combination of both. Today I had an appointment at the Job Center. It is a one stop facility for job seekers, government assistance etc. Each county in Ohio has a one stop place, they may have different names for it though. I had to do an orientation program. Next week I have an one on one meeting with one of the workers. I guess they will help me search for jobs better and resume stuff, etc. If you are looking to switch careers or want more information on the job market you should really check it out.

On a lighter note..... I have been going on some bike rides, and I took Avery and Elise on an hour long bike ride while Jude took Delilah to mom prom (which I hope she blogs about soon) (hint, hint). The girls really enjoyed it. Jude is doing great riding his bike. I have been letting him ride on the road with me. He rides between the curb and me on the streets that are not very busy, the rest of the time he rides on the sidewalks.

One day last week I took all the kids on a bike ride in the afternoon. I usually have Elise ride in the trailer with Avery but this time I let Elise ride on the back of my bike in the carrier seat. I buckled Avery in the center of the trailer since she was the only one riding in it. So I was riding in front of Jude on the sidewalk and the left wheel of the trailer ran over a rock or something sticking out onto the sidewalk, the trailer flipped onto its side and I dragged it about 5 feet before stopping. Jude was yelling behind me to stop. When I dismounted my bike Avery was suspended in the trailer since she was buckled. She was crying because I had scared her. She calmed down once we got moving again. If anyone saw what had happened they probably were thinking that I needed to go to drug rehab.

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Stephanie said...

Poor AVery, but a funny story!

Like the name change. Staying home takes awhile to adjust to and you've already figured out the first rule; caffeine!