Monday, May 05, 2008

Jude is a funny one

During the week I am trying to keep the kids on a schedule. I am attempting to keep Avery on a schedule for her nap times, Elise on her schedule for her nap time, and Jude on his schedule for quiet time. Since Jude and Elise are sharing a bedroom, it does not work out for them to be in the same room during quiet/nap time. We started letting Jude have quiet time in the living room on the bean bags. He loves doing that, actually he fell asleep on the bean bags one time during quiet time. I have noticed something though. He has asked to have quiet time in our bed a few times and today he asked if he could have quiet time in our bed again. I said sure no problem. I turned both bed side lights on and turned the sleep timer on the radio. I always tell him when the radio turns off he can be finished with quiet time. Well, today he fell asleep in out bed during quiet time. He must have been tired. The last couple of quiet times he took in our bed he fell asleep. I guess he knows when he is tired enough to take a nap during quiet time. So he is a funny one.


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