Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have decided tonight that I must start looking for a new job. It's not that my current job as a custodian (not janitor) is hard or horrible or anything like that. It is actually a pretty easy job with great benefits. It's just that I am working 2nd shift and I don't know what school I will be in from day to day. I actually didn't think it would be that bad working opposite shifts with Delilah but I don't enjoy it one bit. I really miss be at home in the evening and putting Jude to bed.
That problem I have dealing with trying to find a new job is that I am not sure what it is actually I want to do. I have had an itch to work within a church, which I am currently doing now working with the Milestone group at Fallscreek. I haven't honestly put my best effort forward with it yet. And I am actually feeling a little bit frustrated with it. Yet, I keep plugging away at it ever so slightly because I don't want to abandon the ship. I believe there are great things on the horizon for the church an I think that Milestone can play an important role in it.
So I ask for any one that actually reads this blog to pray for opportunities to open up for me.

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Justiene said...

I didn't know you had a blogspot. I have been praying for the Milestone class because it has started to bring many things my way, friends, hearts, ears (to listen) and maybe shoulders to cry on in the near future. I have had a hard time as you know with my relationship and it is really hard for me to open up to people or even understand what I am supposed to be doing in life with so many distractions at home. I hope you don't leave the class, but I will pray that you do the right thing, and are happy in what you are doing.