Sunday, October 30, 2005

Friendlationships Part 1

Friendships and relationships can be a difficult thing for most people. Today I taught on this topic in Milestone at church. As I sit here and reflect on what was discussed during class it makes me feel good that I am married. I do not miss the confusion and anxiety often associated with relationships. I was never really good at dealing with the opposite sex when it dealt with relationships. I had a lot of friends that were females. No problem there. It was easier me to have friends that were from the opposite sex. The problem I had was going from the friendship to the relationship. During my time at Heartlight Ministries at was able to practice a couple of times trying to make that transition. (I thank those of you that gave me that opportunity, you know who you are, I doubt that you are even reading this blog, anyways....) it has made me who I am today and it made me a better person. I think. So anyways back to the whole friendlationship thing.
Often time churches take to positions on dating. 1) Dating is not relevant because it did not exist in the Bible and 2) Anything goes in a relationship as long as you don't have sex. The first position is outdated. Society equates dating with love and vice verse, so I won't even touch on that subject. The 2nd position is the position that churches need to work. There are all kinds of NO SEX before marriage programs out there. Individuals need to realize that there are many things which do not belong in a relationship until one is married. The giving of you emotional and spiritual self should not be given away freely.
I have had several relationships where I have given to much away. It makes for the break-up to be much harder than would it should be. Often times break-ups tend to be bitter and not nice at all. It shouldn't be this way, specially if you are a Christian. It is a time for a change.


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