Sunday, October 02, 2005


Well it is now night 2 in our new house. Everything seems to be going well. I've been pretty much watching the children and keeping Elise from crying and Jude from whining. Delilah is doing getting a lot done. Much thanks to the moving team. With out you guys our move would have taken forever. It seems however we have lost one box somewhere. It has our alarm clocks and nightstand lamps in it. Hopefully it will show up eventually.

After church today we went to lunch with a few of our freinds. I was scheduled to show Tim and Steph's apartment today to 2 people at 2. I left the keys to the aparment back at our house. So Jude and I drove back to the house after lunch to get the keys and then go to the apartment. Well, on the way to our house I rearended a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The 3rd car in front of me was making a left hand turn and everyone checked up real quick. I didn't stop in time because I was distracted with other things. (Talking to Jude and looking in my rear view mirror). So needless to say I never made it to the apartment. I am a little sore tonight but I'm not sure if its from moving or the accident.

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