Monday, October 03, 2005


Today was my first time home alone with the children while Delilah went to work. It wasn't so bad. It really helped that Elise slept till a little after 11 am. I gave her a bath (the first I have given her). I don't think she liked me giving her a bath though. She cried a little bit and looked at me like she was trying to say "Daddy you don't know what your doing do you?" I made it through the bath ok. Jude was fairly good. I was trying to get him to take a nap before Delilah got home so she could have some down time but my plan didn't work out.

I am still tired from this weekend. The move took a lot out of me. It will probably take a few days for me to recover. I got our rental car today. It is a Chevy Cavalier. I hate Chevy's. I think I might call them to try and get a different car. Maybe like a Ford Focus. They are kind of fun to drive. Up to this point I havn't heard what the total damage is to my car. It looks pretty messed up. I think I will take a few pictures of it and post it on "the Launch".


Rob Murray said...

It certainly doesn't help to have to deal with the accident when you've just moved and you're adjusting to a new environment. I think the extra time alone with your kids will be very good for you and them.

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