Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So....... our adventure is coming to an end as houseparents. We've been here for over 3 years. It has had its ups and downs. Mostly ups though. I am looking forward to next Tuesday because we won't have to worry about children coming into our house. Being a houseparent has it rewards but it comes with sacrifices.

It has been rewarding to work day in and day out with my lovely wife for the past three years. Likewise it has been a blessing to watch our son grow up from birth to almost 3. I wish I would have the same opportunity with our daughter who is 4 months old. Actually, Monday will be the first time since we started dating that we will not be working together. It will take some time to get used to it specially since we will be working opposite shifts. But back to the rewards and sacrifices..... the main sacrifice (ironically) is that we have had to give up our personal time and family time.

I'm tired of packing and I haven't even packed many boxes, Delilah has done the majority of the packing. I think we are to the point that we can't pack much more until Thursday and Friday. We have large items to pack such as the computer and equipment, and the TV and accessories. We all know we can't live without the net and TV for more than a day or so, so we always try to save that for last.

The pieces are falling together with my job as custodian. I learned Wednesday night that my job is secure as the floater. I just need to wait for one job posting to be a permanent position and I will be a permanent custodian. So....... I am excited about it. It's only a matter of time for it all to fall together.

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Mike Forde said... guys are leaving. Welcome back to having a life. You have to be wicked excited. Well, God bless you guys, big time!!!