Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Time is Coming........

The time is coming when Monet, my dog, will begin a new life at a new house. It hasn't really hit me until tonight when Delilah started asking if I wanted to take him to his new house or have his new owner pick him up. Monet has been a good dog but he also has been a lot of work. I knew he would be a lot of work. But since we are moving and at this point Delilah and I will be working opposite shifts it will become even more work. But it will be better off for him at his new house.... besides Jude beats up on him everyday.

Being a custodian can be a very interesting job to have. Tonight I worked at the high school and everyone I worked with was great. It's always interesting to hear stories that people share about students doing this or that. Apparently some students were crawling in the duct work in the field house. Why they were doing this, I'm not sure. They must have been trying to act like James Bond or something. It seems that students today on live for the moment. I'm sure I was the same way. But how marriage and having two children can change you. I'm still adjusting I think. Making the move to our new house has brought on some extra stress for me and unfortunately I have taken a lot of out on Delilah, I am sorry.

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I am waiting for more... Are you going to post again?