Friday, October 19, 2007

The House Hunt

The house hunt continues....

I drive my very sweet wife absolutely crazy with my house hunting. Just last week she made very ugly threats if I didn't stop. We aren't ready to buy a house because we are doing damage control with our credit. She keeps getting her hopes up and then is disappointed when nothing happens. Currently, we rent. We have been in the pink house for over a year now. We hope our next move will be into our own home. After our year lease was up we asked to be on a month to month lease in case we were able to purchase a home within the next year. It has been going well. This week we were informed of some unfortunate circumstances that may effect our living arrangements in the pink house. It is frustrating. There is a house we have walked through before and even snooped around some that is nice. The owner is willing to do a land contract or to rent it for now. We are going to walk through it again. We were hoping to move into one of the luxury homes we drive by all the day...but for now it isn't going to happen.

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