Sunday, October 21, 2007

House Shopping...

I am always thinking about buying a house. When we move I would like to get rid of all our old warn out stuff and buy newer things to fit the style of our new home. Delilah & I have talked about this a lot. The current living room suit we have is an old leather set. We bought it second hand and it has served it's purpose but it isn't very pretty. After we are done with it we will probably put it in the trailer in WV (someday one of us will tell you about that). Originally we were going to see if Eric (my brother) wanted to buy it and some other stuff for his place but I don't think he will want it now. Oh well. I don't know if we will be shopping for microwave ovens but we will definitely get a nice set of dishes and matching flatware. By matching I mean forks, knives and spoons that all match. Right now we have a mix matched set. They are down right ugly.

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