Friday, August 25, 2006

Things I Thought I'd Never Do, Before Having Kids

Well, I might as well as join the band wagon on thoughts of things I wouldn't do before having kids.

This will probably be a short list.

1. I never thought that I would let my child sleep in my bed with me.
2. I never thought I would intinctively catch barf in my hand. (This happened several times, once was while I was eating dinner, I simply wiped my hand off with a napkin and continued on with dinner not missing a beat)
3. I never thought I wouldn't have a college degree before having kids.
4. Never thought that having kids would interfere with my sex life. ;-) ha ha ha ha

I guess that is basically it. Told you it wouldn't be much. I don't think guys think a whole lot about kids before they are married.


Stephanie said...

Do they think a whole lot after having kids?! (Just kidding!)

Applehead said...

enough man bashing stuffy...

judeandelise said...

Well, if you don't want to be bashed don't do things like always complain about not getting enough sex! Men...grrrrrr. Think first.