Monday, August 07, 2006

June 11th, 1996 (Day 4)

The Jose Mesa family have been so good to me and Erik. They try to make us feel at home. This morning Jose played the English version of the Carmen tape. It made me feel happy to know that they accept us for who we are. I wish we could do the same in America too. In the states we say we love you, but in the Guatemala they show they love us, but don't say it as often.
The first school we went to was fun. The children had a good time. Some of them listened well. While others did not listen at all. It gets frustrating at times, but if I so my skits for the glory of God everything will turn out all right. The next school was in the town. It was a small school. We had very little space to hare our dramas.
We then went to a private school to share our dramas. (We first went to the private school then we went to the public school in town.) Everything went great at the private school. I believe we got the message of the gospel across. After we went to the public school we went back to the private school to share with the high school age kids. It seemed like nobody's heart was fully into sharing the message of Christ. I was trying my best to put my full heart into it, but it didn't seem right. Ryan stopped everything after the box skit and told them we have sinned against God and Guatemala.
We had a heart to heart experience at the church full of prayers. Prayers of forgiveness and prayers for strength.
My prayers has been answered. I haven't felt like God has used me to touch anybody in Guatemala. The family Mike is staying with, the father is the coach of a local wrestling team. I pray that I will be able to share the gospel using wrestling terms. I hope I know what to say in front of the wrestlers. I can't wait. Praise the Lord.

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