Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Blogsvertise. What is it? Blogsvertise is a new and unique way companies attempting to tap into the blogging sub-culture of America. Think of the possibilities you can have as a blogger. You are e-mailed assignments to complete. You in turn have about a week to complete these assignments. No I'm not talking about school work type of assignments. You actually look at a web site and then write a review tying in three (3) links to the url in your blog. Like what I am doing with this post. You don't have to be supportive of the product either, your allowed to write a negative review. You get to pretend you are a book or movie critic. But wait, there is more. You can actually make money doing this. You will make at least $10 per assignment possibly more once you get settled in and Blogsvertise likes what they see on your blog. So how about it? Go ahead and sign up for it at Blogsvertise, it's free, no it's better than free you get paid for blogging.


The Thief said...

But what happens when they inundate you with spam to "blog" about? Or stuff you don't support or care about? When does a blog lose its identity?

pinoy stupid said...

I signed up with Blogsvertise too. I can't wait for my first assignment. Good luck to you.

thief, you can always decline assignments so if you don't want to write on stuff that you hate, you have the option not to.

Blogger said...

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