Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Searching for JonBenet

It's amazing how quickly a story can drop from the headlines. I had to actually search for JonBenet news. It wasn't on the front page on websites. It looks like John Mark Karr got what he wanted. His 15 minutes in the spotlight. It is sad how by him saying a few simple words can garnish so much attention. It also allows a little peak into society. Society still has a curiosity for the JonBenet case. Who dunit? My personal opinion is that someone from the inside had something to do with her death. I'm not saying they killed her but they know more than what has been said.
John Mark Karr had an outstanding warrant for child pornography. He needed to be arrested. But my question is, why couldn't they have taken DNA samples long before trotting him off to Boulder like a circus show.
My theory -- I blabbed about being there when JonBenet was killed so he wouldn't be in the general population of prison when he was sent there for child pornography. What do you think?



Applehead said...

oh man, how do you say you don't care with out saying, "I don't care"?

Applehead said...

I have to use the disclaimer that I am really wasted (tired) and type like it too.

Jake said...

i know what your saying, it's amazing how society and the media can be in such a frenzy.