Wednesday, August 02, 2006

June 10th, 1996 (Day 3)

Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Mike's church for praise and worship. It was very comforting to see that people of different tongues can praise the Lord in the same way. Then we went to Zone 4. The most poverty stricken part of Guatemala City. A drama team from the church also joined us. We started by doing skits on a little train platform. After an hour and a half we broke into a North group and a South group. The drama team also broke into 2 groups. We walked down the tracks until we found an area big enough to perform our skits we did this 3 times before heading back to meet the rest of the groups. We had lunch at a pizza place called Vesuvius. It was one of the best pizzas I have tasted for a while.
We went back to the orphanage and rested. The children at the orphanage are so special. They don't care how you look, they don't really care if you can't speak Spanish.
Today we moved to Chimaltenango about an hour and half away by bus. We went to 2 public schools
At the first school we went to had a huge courtyard and we performed several songs and dramas. We didn't have a chance to talk to the kids.
The next school was great. We started walking up the street and all these kids started running away from us. As we reached the school the children started to swarm us. We went inside to a big lobby there we performed our dramas and sang to songs. As we were leaving, the children just swarmed me. It felt great, like I was some famous person. It feels so good to have the children and teachers accept us like they did. It has been a real blessing from God.
This afternoon we ended up at a church camp, but we had planned to go to an orphanage. It turns out that the director for that camp is also our host family. He also knows some English, which really helps Eric and I out a lot. Jose said he had a little house. But the house is nice size for a three person family.
The people show their love for us so much. They are so courteous to us. We don't deserve anything but they really do care for us.
Tonight we had a powerful prayer time. There were a lot of tears shed. Some happy, others sad. But I felt that we all bonded together more.

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