Monday, August 28, 2006

June 12th 1996 (Day 5)

We are fasting today so that the Lord will forgive us for our sins against Guatemala. The first school we went to was a private Christian school. I felt like we were there for the glory of God. The students were really into what we were doing. We had an alter call, but no one stood up. Then we asked everyone that had Christ in their heart to stand up. Only three people stood up. But it was ? (word wasn't clearly written) because we did it to the glory of God.
We went to a little kids school next. I didn't feel that I was doing anything for the glory of God. We handed out bracelets to the children. I didn't know whether or not they understood our skits. I hope that they did.
In the afternoon we to a prison. Everyone was so scared when we first went in. I was so scared, I wasn't so sure why I volunteered to talk. I was scared. When I said "Hola," I felt at peace. I shared the story of the crucifixion mainly the part of the robbers also being crucified with Jesus. I felt great after the talk and wasn't nervous about anything. About ten people came up and gave their life to Jesus.
After supper I had a chance to observe wrestling. All of them were quick and good. I wrestled a guy who was 2nd or 3rd at nationals. I had a few take-downs. He was stronger than an ox. I had a fun time overall. It was good for me to relax and get some strenuous physical exercise.
Tonight is the last night for us in Chimaltenago.

I will explain in more detail about this Guatemala prison during my next post.

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