Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a Promise Keepers event. It was a great time with great speakers and most importantly great worship. Worship is so important to me. Worship allows for an emotional connection to take place between God and myself. I haven't experienced great worship like I did at PK for a long time.

While at PK God revitalized a desire I have had for 8 years, in my heart which was pushed to the back burner. I have had a desire to open a non-threatening Christian youth center to reach out to teens from middle school through high school. I would like have x-boxes, pool tables, a computer area for kids to do homework on, tutors, good Christian rock/hip hop/rap music blaring through out the area.

While praying and doing a little research on this idea I came across a great website. The Mill - Youth Stop, which is in Toledo, Ohio, is an organization I would like to model the youth center after that I open up. Except I would like to call it: IGNITION - Sparking the Soul. You can view The Mill website here.

-More Later

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