Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

Another year has passed and I am now 29. One year closer to the big 3-0. Birthdays are a funny thing. When we were kids it was a great big deal to have a birthday. Let's look at some milestones for our birthdays. When you turn 13 that is the first milestone we reach. We always want to be a teenager, but midway through our teenage years we don't want to be a teen anymore. 18. When we turn 18 it is yet another milestone because we are "officially" an adult. I use that term officially an adult very loosely because most people do not have an adult mindset at the age 18. Aww, 21, this might be the best birthday of all. It is the first time we can "legally" drink alcohol in the United States. Enough said. Then we hit 30 and by societies standard by the age 30 we are suppose to be married. Our next milestone is when we turn 50 "over the hill". Over the hill to what? Then a select few of us our lucky enough to reach the final milestone of 100. Can you imagine being born in 1906 an witnessing all the change which has taken place during the last 100 years?
Peace out and stay cool today.


Stephanie said...

Happy birthday little brother. I actually did buy you a card and then realized that I don't have the new address! Hope you have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Yes, happy birthday. And may you have many more. Don't know if reaching 100 is a goal for you, but it would be interesting, that's for sure!
Aunt Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony....oh, I mean Jake!!

Aunt D.

Jake said...

Aww, funny Aunt D, I guess Tony should be my #1 racer instead of just one of my favorites, regardless go Newman.

Applehead said...

I saw a Ryan Newman Rookie model car with the number 02 on it. It was the same size of the ones you have. He wanted $75 big ones for I said forget it. Happy birthday. 30 feels like 29 to me..