Monday, March 27, 2006


Our short, short trip to WV went really good. We arrived to the property around 12:30. Everyone was asleep but were soon awakened. Jude and Elise did really well traveling. They both slept at least half of the trip. Jude was asking many questions as we were leaving Stow, mainly to attempt to stay awake.
When we got to my parents house, the kids did not want to go to bed. Jude stayed up for a while but Elise went to sleep fairly well in a "new" bed.
Saturday was our only full day. We spent the majority of the day playing a card game called Garbage, it's a fun game that takes forever to play. The day had various weather moving through. It was cold the whole day but it snowed, was sunny, cloudy, and hailed at one point or another.
Sunday we went to church with the family. After church Steph had a baby shower and Delilah attended. I took Kellen and Jude geocaching. They both really had a fun time despite the chilly temperture and periodic rain. We were geocaching at Wine Cellar Park in Dunbar, WV. It is a neat little park with old wine cellars on the property. I was hoping to find all 3 caches on the property but since we all got a little sidetracked with the wine cellars we only attempted to find 1 and we found it. Both Kellen and Jude were excited about the find.
The trip back home went well also. Both children slept over half the way, they woke up almost an hour before we got home. All in all the trip went really well. It was a lot of work for only one full day of visiting.

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