Saturday, March 11, 2006

An Amazing Wife

Delilah did an amazing thing during the past week. She showed me how to temporarily fix a head light that was out on the Corolla. I came home from work one evening and told her that I needed to get a new light. She said let me show a tip to fix it. She dragged me out of the house and preceded to start beating on the head lamp. I was like what are you doing? She insisted that it works. She pounded on it one last time and what do you know it turned on. But the fix didn't last long. I replaced the light last night. Anyways, she is an amazing woman that is able to do many amazing things.


Papaw said...

Jake the reason that works is that you get the filament (wire) which burned in two to reconnect by bouncing it back together. Usually doens't last long!

judeandelise said...

Thanks Paul, for stealing my mystery.

Jake said...

My wife is still amazing. ;-)