Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Great Dog

Lady was the best dog a person could have. My earliest memories about Lady come from when I was in third grade although we had her long before I was in the third grade. She was a little black and white dog, and a mix of something or other, basically a mutt. Lady was one of those dogs that was an indoor/outside dog. Since she had free reign of the house and the yard she had many routines which she did most everyday. In the house she had a favorite place where she would lay and take her naps. We lived in a two story house the stairs were in the front of the house and there was a small landing after two steps before turning right to go up the rest of the stairs. There is a window at the landing and Lady would always take her naps with her head on the window sill looking out the window. I would be able to go up and down the stairs and she would just lift her head up to see who it was and then put her head down to continue her nap.
In the summer time there would be this worn path around the house. We didn't really know what it was from. One day we saw Lady doing "laps" around the house. She had other various trails going from here to there and there to here.


starrbright777 said...

Lady was such a creature of habit - I remember those trails. She always took the same path to the barn, the shed - they were there for a long time after she was gone. She really was a great dog!!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this series. Since more than one family member remembers her with great fondness, it would be fun to discuss what makes "a great dog."
Aunt Nancy