Friday, March 24, 2006

Whirlwind of Activity

Today was suppose to be a simple day. The kids wake-up, we all get dressed, get something to eat, get in the van, goto Sam's Club, get gas, come back home, and then go to work at 12:30. Let's see it is 10:20, Jude - still in pj's, Elise - still in pj's and taking a nap now, Delilah - still in pj's, and me - dressed but no breakfast yet. The phone has been in use non stop since 8:45. Delilah is trying to get some last minute stuff done for work and find a baby sitter for the next two weeks because I will be working days. Yessss.
I only have 14 more working days until my new job at Control Systems. Very excited and a little nervous. We have to find a baby sitter for the rest of the school year because Delilah will still be working.
Welcome to the Miller way of life.


Stephanie said...

There is no such thing as a simple day when there are little kids involved! Two weeks of days will be nice! (Except the babysitting issue of course!) See you tonight!

judeandelise said...

Yes, and I when we have to pay a babysitter I am basically working to pay them. We seriously will be breaking even or I might come out $50 or so on top. We never made it to Sam's Club. I did venture out with the kids to Walmart after Jake went to work to get a prescription filled. The pharmacist was out to lunch.