Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A mid-week update

Well Jude is in kindergarten now and the rest of us are settling into our new routine. We have been walking to school it is .9 miles one way. You have to live 1 mile from the school to get bused. Jude was kind of bummed out about not riding the bus to school. So, since Monday I have been walking 2.7 miles just taking Jude back and forth to school. Avery has been in the stroller or in the backpack on my back. Elise has been either on her little bike or in the stroller. I let Jude ride his bike to school and back from school to the house. According to the district rules, kids are not suppose to ride bikes to school because of the risk of getting hit by a car. I figured since I am with him I would let him ride his bike. But here's the catch, I have to bring the bike back home with me and take it back to the school for him to ride it. They don't have bike racks at the school. I was able to put it on the the handle bars of the stroller, I'll have to get a picture of it for you to see what it looks like.

I weighed in at 214 this morning and ran almost a mile also this morning. My left foot/ankle has been hurting like crazy. I think I twisted or sprained it on Sunday. The left side of my foot below my ankle is red and tender. It also it is a little puffy. I told Delilah that I have to work out through the pain. I've started and I don't want to quit, it will be that much harder to start back up again.

I guess I could get a hold of a Chicago personal injury lawyers and say that the city sidewalk caused my injury.

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Cassy said...

You are so lucky for the opportunity to walk with your child to school. My husband and I both teach, so our son has been going to a neighbor's in the a.m., then catching the school bus, then bus back to the neighbor's after school. He has been doing that since Kindergarten. This year he is going to middle school; he'll be arriving home a full hour before us. Stinks, but that's the way our life worked out. You are a lucky guy. Enjoy! :)