Monday, August 11, 2008

More Busy-ness

We've had another busy weekend/end of last week. My mom and dad came up late Wednesday and stayed through until Sunday afternoon. It was a good visit. Thursday we were able to get the mulching done around the house. Well, at least the large front flower bed and the 2 flower beds in the side yard. It looks soooo much better. It was full of weeds. Friday we had a semi-relaxing day. We went for a 1.8 mile hike in the Gorge Metro Park. It really is a beautiful park, it's just a shame that in certain spots that it really smells like sewer. Something needs to be done about it. Friday evening we headed to Ron's house for a cook out and a boat ride. The kids loved being on the boat. Avery even enjoyed it for the first little while, then I think she was tired of wearing her life jacket. On Saturday we headed to Amish World, as Jude called it. We visited some extended family and had a good meal in Mt Hope. Delilah and I with the kids headed back early because we had a ton of stuff to do for Sunday. We had Avery's birthday party on Sunday. It was fun. It's amazing how comfortable it was here at the house with all the people here. At the pink house it would have been cramped and you would probably needed to have tactical gear to get around all the people and kids running wildly. I think everyone had a good time. At least I hope they did.

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Stephanie said...

FYI Our children are conspiring....Jude, Lydia and Nolan have a plan for my middle to come see your new house. Their grand plan is that Lydia and Nolan will go home with you when Jude and Elise go home. Just warning you they will be asking! :)