Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poor Elise

Elise is not feeling very well today. She didn't eat much for breakfast and didn't eat lunch. She fell asleep on her bed before lunch. I had to wake her up to take Jude to school. I felt really bad about having to wake her up. Needless to say she did not want to get out of her bed. I asked her if she wanted to lay back down when we got back from dropping Jude, she said she did. She laid down for a little while and got up and wanted to have Rice Krispies with a bananna in it. We think she has pink eye in her left eye. Now she is complaining of an ear ache in her left ear. I gave her a sock filled with rice (uncooked rice in a sock, then warmed up in the microwave) to put on her ear to help with the pain, it must have worked she is asleep on the couch now (Avery left her alone long enough for her to fall asleep). She is actually snoring. I do hope she starts to feel better, she is not very much fun to be around when she is not feeling good. I would hate to have to pack her luggage and ship off to Nana's or Mamaw's house till she gets better.

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Anonymous said...

I hope she gets to feeling better soon.