Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's a New Year....... go figure

Well, 2008 rolled in with high expectations from the Miller family. We had many things we wanted to do, mainly, buy our first house. Then came along March 11 and everything seemed to turn upside down. I am still not sure why I was discharged from my employment. It is almost comical looking back on it. Never the less we made it through the rest of 2008 and I've gotta say that it has been good for us to go through this tough experience. We have high expectations for 2009 as well. The main expectation is to get a job "if I get a job." I really don't like looking for a job. I wish they would put a salary range on all jobs. It's nice to know what what the pay might be before going to all the work to submit a resume/application.

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