Thursday, July 31, 2008

July - recap

July has seemed like a blur to me. Why does it seem like everything happens during the same time. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad it all seems to happen during the same general time. Let me recall the month.
  1. We moved
  2. Delilah had surgery
  3. Jude and Elise went to TN
  4. We celebrated Mandy's life
Looking back I guess there wasn't more events than any other month except for the fact that this month it was an emotional roller coaster for all of us. It took it's toll on us.

Moving in itself is not a lot of fun. It wasn't like we moved across the state. We only moved six house away, just around the corner from the "pink" house. With moving there always seems like of lot stuff to do. There is a lot of work to make the house your home. You want everything to look nice, even if you are just renting (again). We are slowly settling in to our new surroundings. I can honestly say this house feels more like home does than the "pink" house ever did. Isn't that weird? Maybe not. I guess we are much more comfortable in our new house.

Delilah had to have surgery this month. A semi-emergency surgery. She had her appendix removed. She is a trooper. The doctors said they were amazed she wasn't doubled over in pain and sweating bullets when she came into the ER. Her surgeon said that if she would have waited another 12 hours she would of had poop all inside of her. (I always knew she was full of sh*t) ha ha ha. She recovered pretty quickly from her surgery. It is always hard to keep her down.

Jude and Elise went to TN the week following Delilah's surgery. They always love leaving the house for a week. They had a blast. They got to go fishing, see wildlife and spend time Nanna and Poppy. But it's always a transition when they get back home. I think they are ready to head back to TN.

On the 28th and 29th we had the opportunity to share in celebrating Mandy's life. She was courageous in her fight against cancer. At this point that is all I am going to write about Mandy. I am not able to get the words to type correcting so they accurately describe what I am feeling and what I wish to share. She was a special person and will be missed by all.

Yesterday we finally registered Jude for Kindergarten. We have to wait until next week or the week after next to find out if he is in AM or PM. That to me is so annoying. Why can't they tell you when you register your child whether they are AM or PM. And what's with having to buy all these Kleenex's, Purel, zip lock bags, etc. I thought that is why schools have levies? What happens when you can't afford to buy these extra "essentials" to be shared with the rest of the classroom? Do they label the child and the family as non-compliant? No Child Left Behind.

I guess that is all for today. Check you later.

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delilah said...

Just so you know....the doctor said if I had waited I would have been full of poo. Since I didn't what you thought you "always knew" was incorrect. Thank you very much. LOL.

Stephanie said...

It has been a crazy month. I can't believe Jude is going to K already!