Friday, July 11, 2008

Goldfish Catch

Last night was the annual goldfish catch for the Falls. The city takes one afternoon/evening to place goldfish in all of its wading pools. Kids 12 and under get the opportunity to try and catch some goldfish. The kids had a great time trying to catch the goldfish. I think that Delilah also had a great time helping them. We caught about 15 goldfish, our "friends" gave us 3 or 4 of their goldfish. Are they really friends when they are pawning off fish to us? I guess we still have them as friends. It takes more than giving us more fish to get rid of us as friends. Anyways... enough of going down a rabbit trail. On the way home Jude mentioned that he a was going to play hid-and-seek with one of his fish (the white fish). So we asked him how we was going to play, he said that he was going to count while the fish hid.
I think Jude needs to play with kids is age more often. I think this move has really messed our schedule up. We need to get back in the grove of things and head to the park and wading pools. Oh, and to the library. We signed the kids up for a reading program at the library. We have only been to it a few times, maybe only twice, now that I think about it.

(Elise scouting for fish)

(Elise caught one)

(Successful trip?)

(Jude being happy)

(Waiting for their turn again)


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

nice pictures. now you are figuring out font size!

Jake said...

I figured I needed to step up my blog a little since it seems that Delilah isn't going to post as often as she use to post. Maybe I will be able to "steal" some of her traffic.

Pamela Kramer said...

Very cute! It looks like a lot of fun.