Monday, June 02, 2008

Back to school

Jude and Elise spent most of last week in WV. There is always a transition period after the kids spend time away from the house. Jude had a rough time the first couple of nights getting back into the swing of things. Now it is back to school for him. back to learning how to read.
It's not just back to school for Jude but for me as well. I am 2 course away from having my associates degree. I am taking the course now through an external degree program at Upper Iowa University. It is a regionally accredited school. My ultimate goal is a degree in Public Administration through the university which I started about 3 years ago. The price for the schooling is very reasonable. Hopefully in about 4 months I will have my classes completed. The 2 courses which I am taking are Religion and Literature. The religion one will be interesting. I have started reading the text, right now I am reading about Hinduism. It is an interesting religion. I am excited about learning about Islam and being able to make my own conclusion on it. I had to buy The Holy Qur'an. Needless to say it does feel a little wierd to have the Qur'an in my house as a Christian. None-the-less, I look forward to studying on the religion.

How about those walk in tubs?


Stephanie said...

Yes those first few days are rough. It was rough here too! :)

Anonymous said...

It was fun having the kids here WishI could have had more time off work. I like the new look!


delilah said...

LOVE the layout. Nice choice.