Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We are moving. We found a house to rent that is literally just around the corner from us. It is a much nicer house for the same rent. We have been looking for houses for the last 2 months. They all seemed to be smaller than our current one for much more money. This will be a blessing to our family. Right now we are doing some painting. We really want to make the house our home. This will be the house we are in that we can really do that. We are excited. The new landlord it great. He is doing everything that he can to make sure we are happy when we move in.
The house we are moving into is a brick ranch built in the 50's. I never thought I would like a ranch. This house I like. It has 3 bedrooms, large living room, finished basement, which half of it is a rec room and the other half will consist of craft room, office, and kids play area. And maybe the best part is....... the house has landscaping. We miss out landscaping. The flower beds are over grown but they can be whipped into shape. The kids are excited as well. The new landlord actually gave the kids 2 new scooters. Well they look fairly new.
My goal was to get everything painted (kitchen, hallway, and living room) by the end of the week. I don't think it is going to happen though. Jude has safety town this week and tot time, so time is very precious to get anything done. Well, it's about time for tot time gotta run.


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now you can fit sale into a sentence better than that.....